Saturday, October 13, 2012

ZenRobotics is hiring!

We are hiring AI/Computer Vision/Machine Learning experts, hard-core coders and automation/mechanics/mechatronics engineers. If you think you have what it takes to make a robot sort waste (very fast, very accurately and cheaply enough) come and join us. You are guaranteed to have a chance to change the world.

Farewell to old blog

My old blog's tagline was "Symbian, CS research and angst". I no longer write Symbian code, nor do I work as a CS researcher, and may even have grown out of some of the angst. It's time to move on to a different blog - this one.

As the last piece for the old blog I wrote a (long) post-mortem on the technology that was Symbian.

My take on non-recursive make

There are a few things every programmer has to try their own hand at: a unit-testing framework, a compiler, a DSL, an open-source project ... and a build system.

Here's my version of a non-recursive make: for a mixed C++/Java/clojure build. No directory stack needed!